The Zamboanga del Norte Youth Development Alliance (ZNYDA) is on its third and final phase in its strategic planning. Followed by the setting of the direction and assessing its capabilities, the alliance commences its action planning which will take place this March 2021.

The action planning sets the activities and targets of ZNYDA for the years 2021 until 2023. Guided by the findings gathered by the ZNYDA members in analyzing the main issues and concerns of the youth of Zamboanga del Norte, the action plan of ZNYDA aims to plot the upcoming activities of its members and streamline these activities based on the needs identified.

To emphasize the added value of the action planning, Former NYC Commissioner-at-Large James Ceasar Ventura, consultant for ZNYDA, said that for the first part of the planning, they will consolidate the projects, programs, and activities (PPA) of each member offices of ZNYDA. He added that the next step, and the more important part after consolidating the PPAs is to identify the weak points and the areas where agencies lack in terms of youth development.

Furthermore, Ventura added, “in those weak points, we will try to come up with strategies and encourage our agencies to commit to these strategies.” 

ZNYDA’s action planning also determines the services ZNYDA will offer to the youth of Zamboanga del Norte and establish the system for its referral mechanism.

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