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ING and UNICEF have been partners since 2005. Together They helped 1 million children worldwide to access quality education. And since 2015 ING and UNICEF are investing in empowering young people with knowledge and skills to be successful in life and contribute to society.

The partnership is called ‘Power for Youth’ and focuses on empowering adolescents. Adolescence is a unique phase in one’s life and a critical transition from childhood to adulthood. UNICEF and ING aim to make adolescence an age of opportunity. Our partnership is therefore based on the notion of empowerment. This concept also lies at the heart of the missions of both organizations. As a financial institution, ING empowers people, helping them to achieve their goals and stay a step ahead in life and in business. Similarly, UNICEF works to empower children, helping them to develop and reach their full potential.

Implemented by SUGPAT in partnership with the Department of Education, the project focuses on strengthening the delivery of the Department of Education’s Alternative Learning System (ALS) and to establish a youth alliance in Zamboanga del Norte.

The Philippines is one of the top countries globally for out of school children and youth. To mitigate this, the Department of Education provides different flexible learning modalities to disadvantaged and out of school adolescents and youth.

Education and skills development, including financial skills, provides an opportunity to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty. Giving adolescents and young people economic assets and preparing them for decent livelihoods helps to tackle poverty where it usually begins.

  1.   The project will assist the Department of Education in the enhancement of existing programme strategies, teaching approaches and learning materials, and improving capacities of learning facilitators and teacher mentors for 21st century skills, soft skills (social emotional skills) as well as integrating some basic concepts on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and life skills. Teachers and learning facilitators will be trained on the use of the supplementary modules and mentored in the course of introduction to the targeted learners.

2.    Adolescents’ soft skills (life skills, 21st century skills) will be enhanced through Alternative Learning System strengthening.

The Zamboanga del Norte region.

This component proposes to target the challenged out-of-school adolescents who are enrolled in the Department of Education’s Alternative Learning System (ALS) in Zamboanga del Norte.

  1. Training of Trainers on the Contextualization of Life Skills Modules
  2. Training of ALS Implementers on the Delivery of Life Skills Modules
  3. Monitoring and Evaluation
  4. Creation of the Out-of-school youth alliance
Alternative School for Peacebuilding and the Arts

The SUGPAT ALSPA is an alternative learning center dedicated to capacitating out-of-school youth in creativity, innovation, and 21st century skills. The school envisions to form not only learners, but leaders who will be champions of adolescent development and participation in the out-of-school youth sector.

The school will take in out-of-school youth and ALS Learners as fellows to the program. While these former OSYs are the most at-risk, they best own their experiences on the ground and are the primary enablers of youth-led interventions in the community.

As the school puts a premium on creativity as a thinking model, the fellows are expected to become creative problem solvers who will be equipped with tools and processes to analyze social problems and find innovative solutions to address perennial and complex problems in their communities.



Core Courses

Human Dignity and Children’s Rights

This core subject will focus on personal development and informed decisions that will foster a sense of self-respect and self-worth. It will use the theme of dignity as one of the inherent and inalienable rights of a child which serve as a key principle in adolescent development and participation.

Bridging Leadership

The course will inform the fellows on the Bridging Leadership framework.  It seeks to instill a leadership style or approach to tackle complex and systemic social inequities.  It highlights the need for collaborative action of all sectors - government, private sector, and civil society.

Project Management

Project Management will equip the fellows with tools for analyses, the project cycle, project creation, implementation, managing of resources and evaluation of projects.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a process for creative problem solving and helps people generate, embrace, and execute bold ideas.

Minor Subjects

Youth in Local Governance, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Adolescent Health Literacy, Digital Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Media for Social Change

Core Activities

Capstone Project

The capstone projects is a research and design-based project that seeks to provide solutions to community problems.  The fellows are expected to conceptualize and implement a capstone project for their community which will lead to positive impact.

Recollection and Retreat

Part of the holistic formation of our fellow is the spiritual and social formation of the fellows.  The fellows are required to attend the recollection and retreat as a requirement for completion.

Parents’ Program

The immediate enablers of positive youth development are the guardians and parents of our youth.  A program for the parents and guardians of our fellows will be offered to support the development of our fellows.


A five-day leadership camp gathering ALS learners from Zamboanga Peninsula with an end goal of having their project ideas pitched to different partners and organizations for funding. This camp will be organized alongside the SUGPAT Fellows.

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Barangay Leadership Program (SUGPAT-BLP)

Enabled by the Ateneo Center for Leadership and Governance (ACLG), the BLP is a 6-month program introducing the Bridging Leadership (BL) Framework to barangay leaders, SK officials and youth focal persons through specialized trainings and workshops on adolescent development, leadership, and participation.


25 barangays in Zamboanga City


SUGPAT believes that the power of the barangay is vital in ensuring a more responsive and sustainable programming and delivery of services for young people.

  • Seeks to respond to the fundamental question of how can local barangay leaders including the Sangguniang Kabataan be enabled to meaningfully address social inequities in their barangay
  • Capacitate these local leaders in fostering a better barangay responsive to adolescents and youth through a thorough understanding of adolescent issues to inform their adolescent programs
    • Focus-Group Discussions
    • Key Informant Interviews
    • Activity 3

The Ateneo Center for Leadership and Governance through the leadership of Director Aurora Gonzales.

Resource Center for Adolescent Development, Leadership, and Participation

The ADAP Resource Center will be dedicated to the creation and management of knowledge resources specializing on adolescent development, leadership, and participation.


The creation and management of researches, archives, and training programs dedicated to adolescent development, leadership, and participation is integral in improving the programming, decision making, and knowledge sharing of mission partners whose primary focus are young people.  

  • With this, SUGPAT hopes that Zamboanga City will be a model city in terms of its programs and interventions for children and young people.
  • The center envisions to help policy makers in passing ordinances and resolutions that will ensure that no child and young person gets left behind.
Key Activities
  • Situational Analysis of OSY in Zamboanga
  • Activity 2
  • Activity 3

The research project will be led by Gerald James Ebal of the Ateneo Research Center together with John Mayo Enriquez, Assistant to the President for Social Development, and Jose Francis Llenado, professor of the Psychology Department, as co-authors.

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