ALS supervisors consisting of eight (8) Alternative Learning System (ALS) Focal Persons and 22 Education Program Specialists for ALS (EPSA) from the Zamboanga Peninsula Region undergo module on Academic Leadership and Supervision as part of their Educational Leadership and Management (ELMC) course. 

Renee Vieve Kanindot from the Ateneo de Zamboanga University’s School of Education led the 5-day module, highlighting topics on leadership, feedbacking, understanding ALS learners and navigating the learning environment, responsibilities of an ALS supervisor, and conflict resolution. 

Encouraging the ALS supervisors, lead facilitator Ms. Kanindot said, “The module is designed to strengthen your wings as ALS implementers and help you grow your own so that you can continue to be aces in your respective community.”

In the third and final module of the ELMC participants, Ms. Kanindot presented strategies for constructive and positive feedbacking, the characteristics of a leader supervisor, and how to enhance their conflict resolution and management, among others.

For this module, the ELMC participants are tasked to develop a terminal project that they can do by group or individually. They are asked to design an intervention activity for academic leaders and supervisors to address a concern or issue in the workplace. 

Furthermore, the ELMC participants may also propose an innovation to improve the delivery of programs and services in the ALS as part of their terminal project.

The ELMC aims to teach concepts and principles for effective supervision that help improve the quality of teaching and learning in ALS. 

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