Learning to Earning Pathways officially launched at the LEaP! YOUTH EXPO 2023

Unleashing an extraordinary experience starts with a single LEaP!

The LEaP! YOUTH EXPO 2023, held on May 14th at the KCC Mall de Zamboanga in Zamboanga City, set off on a remarkable journey towards empowering young people. More than 400 enthusiastic young individuals gathered at the event, signaling their interest in the Youth Agency Marketplace (YOMA) online platform and the opportunities in it. Out of these attendees, an impressive 109 young individuals took a significant leap and registered on YOMA.

Numerous young people line up and register to the LEaP! YOUTH EXPO 2023

This momentous occasion marked the official launch of the Learning to Earning Pathways (LEaP!) initiative, bringing together UNICEF Philippines, SAP, and Ateneo de Zamboanga University in a partnership aimed at boosting the employability of Filipino youth. Concurrent launches in Northern Samar and Zamboanga del Norte, where youth organizations gathered and joined the youth expo online, carrying the support of Gov. Edwin Ongchuan and Gov. Nene Jalosjos, respectively

While Northern Samar and Zamboanga del Norte held simultaneous virtual launches, young people in Zamboanga City actively participated in the LEaP! YOUTH EXPO 2023, joining the event through Zoom. The program focuses on providing underserved young people with digital learning pathways, initially targeting the aforementioned locations.

The event was a vibrant showcase of youth-led and youth-serving organizations, with 14 passionate groups sharing their advocacies and inspiring others to commit to meaningful causes. Accompanied by captivating singing and dancing performances, the launch featured informative talks that covered an array of topics, including youth rights, digital transformation initiatives, and youth empowerment. To learn more about the informative talks, check them out on our To learn more about the informative talks, check them out on our Facebook page.

The LEaP! YOUTH EXPO 2023 has set the stage for an exciting and promising future for the Filipino youth. Through this program, they will be equipped with the tools and resources necessary to shape their future and seize opportunities that lie ahead. This event has kickstarted a remarkable journey of growth and empowerment, where a single LEaP paves the way for countless leaps of success.

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