In preparation for the celebration of World Children’s month every November, children facilitators were trained for the 2-day workshop “Children building Child-Friendly Cities” by the team of AdZU SUGPAT. 

Last November 13, seven children facilitators were introduced to the workshop activities which they will be leading. The facilitators also took part in crafting the module to be used in the activity and the creative process of the said workshop.

“SUGPAT did a very good job in terms of identifying and training the children facilitators. The modules that they used for the identification of the situation of children and also the identification of solution were also identified by the children facilitators,” Lea Marasigan, Social Policy Specialist of UNICEF Philippines continued, “So it involved a lot of mentoring and coaching to the children facilitators and it was very good because the children facilitators were able to engage the children (participants) in the process.”

During the training, the children facilitators were able to identify what kinds of activities and what kinds of creative process will be relevant to their fellow-children, in a way that they will be able to articulate themselves. 

The children facilitators were prepared to handle the six different sectors of children participants ages 10-15. 

One of the facilitators Myles Enriquez, 15 years old said that he was challenged because the children they were about to handle were about the same age as them, “but I learned to take control of the situation. I learned that there is no perfect facilitating. Facilitating was hard but it was really rewarding on our part,” he continued. 

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