Lives changing through the Alternative Learning System: Myla Alid

“When you have a dream, you must not be shy to pursue it and make it happen,” Myla said. 

Myla Alid is a 19-year-old Alternative Learning System (ALS) Learner from Siocon District, Zamboanga del Norte, Philippines. Myla was an out-of-school youth for six years before she learned about the ALS Program.  

When she heard about the ALS Program in the news, she knew it was her chance to study again. As soon as she got back to Siocon after working a year in the metro, she enrolled herself in the program.  

“Being an out-of-school youth is not a hindrance for you to achieve your dreams,” she said.

Being in an alternative class, Myla said that they are taught with practical and relevant skills like how to write an application letter and making business letters. Myla and her co-learners consider these as important lessons that would be useful when they start looking for jobs after finishing the program. 

“I’m really thankful to our supporters in ALS like UNICEF and ING. I hope they will not get tired of helping the youth like me who were not able to finish formal school.”

Myla dreams of becoming a midwife, a person that is needed in their community given the rising birth rate in Siocon. 

Myla Alid is one of the ALS learners reached under the Power for Youth partnership of UNICEF and ING. The program will support the Department of Education’s development thrust to enhance the current Alternative Delivery System (ALS) program strategies, teaching approaches and learning materials towards better learning and development of 21st century skills among learners in the ALS.  There will be deliberate links on the flexible learning interventions and that of the platforms for youth engagement to ensure that the goal for youth empowerment is achieved

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