Lives changing through the Alternative Learning System: Marinel Bation

“I realized that circumstances are not hindrances for me to pursue my dreams, because I believe that when there is life, there is still hope.” Marinel, a 19-year-old Alternative Learning System (ALS) Learner said. 

Marinel Bation is one of the ALS Learners of Farmington, Tampilisan Community Learning Center.

For Marinel, the ALS program is a stepping stone for her and her co-learners to continue their studies or find a better job. “I am really grateful to be part of ALS because if it were not for ALS, I would not be here today.” She is determined to finish the program so she can prove something for herself, after stopping on her 10th grade because she married at an early age of 16. 

Furthermore, as a young mother, she said that their lessons on financial literacy helped her the most, “our lessons on financial literacy really helps me because it teaches me the concepts of budgeting and saving. I realized that in times of emergency, especially now that I have a child, I need to have savings for when he gets sick, or something else happens. I will no longer panic looking for money or feel self-pity.”  

The 19-year-old learner relates financial literacy to their cause and effect lessons. “For example, if you do not budget your money, the effect of that is you do not have reserve money for when you need it the most.”

After completing the program and passing the Accreditation and Equivalency Exam, an exam that is their ticket to getting their high school diploma, she plans on taking up Business Administration in College. She is eager to finish the program so that she is a step towards her dream of working in a bank. 

Marinel Bation is one of the ALS learners reached under the Power for Youth partnership of UNICEF and ING. The program will support the Department of Education’s development thrust to enhance the current Alternative Delivery System (ALS) program strategies, teaching approaches and learning materials towards better learning and development of 21st century skills among learners in the ALS.  There will be deliberate links on the flexible learning interventions and that of the platforms for youth engagement to ensure that the goal for youth empowerment is achieved.

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