ALS mobile teachers undergo training for Life Skills Modules for Zambo del Norte out-of-school youth

More than a hundred Alternative Learning System (ALS) Implementers gathered for a 6-day training at Top Plaza Hotel, Dipolog City on May 19 to 24, 2019.

The training entitled “Power for Youth: A Training of ALS Implementers on the Delivery of Life Skills Modules” was participated by 120 ALS Implementers coming from different areas in Zamboanga del Norte.

The training aims to enable the ALS implementers on the articulation of competencies into success indicators, science and art of questioning, and cooperative learning and assessment strategies.

According to the data gathered by DepEd Central Office, Zamboanga del Norte has the highest number of ALS Learners in Zamboanga Peninsula. This is the primary reason why the SUGPAT Program targeted Zamboanga del Norte as its area to conduct the training.

DepEd Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs and Alternative Learning System G.H Ambat said, “I saw that our real heroes are our teachers, especially the mobile teachers who go far and wide to reach what we call the least, the last, and the lost; and committing to this 6-day training even though they are supposed to be on vacation, they are really committing and they intent on learning and enhancing their capacities.”

Contextualizing worksheets

Aside from capacitating the ALS Implementers, the training also aims to cocreate the contextualized activity-based worksheets using the alignment of competencies and learning intents from Life Skills Modules and the ALS Curriculum.

To contextualize the worksheets according to different education programs in Zamboanga del Norte, the training had three breakout groups where the participants were grouped according to Indigenous Peoples Education Program, Muslim Education Program, and General Education Program. 

By the end of the training, the participants were able to come up with 138 contextualized activity based worksheets which will be used by the ALS Learners in Zamboanga del Norte starting this school year.

Reynan Dangase, an ALS mobile teacher said that this contextualized worksheets will help them bridge what their learners need in the community. 

ALS Teachers’ Night

Unlike teachers of formal education, the ALS Implementers do not get to experience the annual “Teacher’s Day” where students and institutions honor teachers.

To pay tribute to the ALS Implementers who work hard to reach the farthest areas in their communities, SUGPAT made the teachers experience the ALS Teachers’ Night, dedicated to show gratitude to them.

On the last night of the training, the teachers of the five clusters of Zamboanga del Norte showcased their talents in singing and dancing. 

To thank them for their invaluable service for the out-of-school youth, a spoken word poetry solely dedicated to them was performed by Byronn Velarde. 

After the tear-jerking performance, the teachers were given handwritten letters of gratitude coming from people across the country who wants to express their gratitude to these unsung heroes.

“We want them to thank themselves for allowing themselves to be in this mission for the out-of-school youth. Our ALS Implementers are the lifeline of the Alternative Learning System of the Department of Education,” Training Head Rogin Christ Eribal said.

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