BLP Update: Barangay leaders undergo Module 2 after practicum stage

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you,”  Aurora Gonzales, Project Director of SUGPAT Barangay Leadership Program (BLP), said in her closing statement as we concluded Module 2 for SUGPAT BLP last November 15-17 and November 29 – December 1, 2018.

The objective of BLP Module 2 is to deepen the ownership of the barangay leaders and the Sangguniang Kabataan Officials of their roles in the barangay, specifically in addressing youth civic participation.

SUGPAT BLP also aims to assess and discuss their gains during their 3-month practicum period and to look into what else could be done as leaders of the barangay.

“I stayed in the program of BLP because I saw that what we learned here can be brought further than the four corners of this room. I saw the need of implementing what we have learned here when we go back in our community,” Barangay Sta. Catalina SK Chairperson Kimberly Anne Villaflores said.

Villaflores added: “BLP has been a guide for us to achieve what we want to do in the community, what changes we want to apply,  and we want to share to our constituents what we have learned here as leaders of the community.”

According to Gonzales, who is also the Director of the Ateneo Center for Leadership and Governance, one of the highlights during the SUGPAT BLP Module 2 is harvesting of their practicum experience, their gains, and their milestones especially in changing the color of their roadmap from red, yellow, to green.

When the barangay leaders started, 90% of the boxes and clusters of their roadmaps were red, but now they see mostly greens and yellows in their roadmap.

Gonzales said one of the progresses that she saw during Module 2 was the strong partnership between the youth and adult.

“The adults are now assisting the young leaders to achieve their goals especially in improving youth-civic participation,” she said.

Next steps for SUGPAT BLP

Looking forward, the fellows of the SUGPAT BLP will have more than a month of practicum. Then their roadmaps will be assessed again to review their progress and to identify their remaining challenges as leaders of the barangay and if they were able to address those challenges.

The barangays leaders will also be engaged in their leadership recollection, where they will be looking back in their journey as fellows in the Barangay Leadership Program of SUGPAT.

The leadership recollection will also be the avenue where they will be crafting of their public narrative in preparation for their colloquium this coming February 2019.

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