Arts Training Program leads to positive outcomes for out-of-school youth, study shows

A study revealed positive changes that happened to artistically-inclined and talented out-of-school youth who underwent arts and media training through Ateneo de Zamboanga’s SUGPAT Alternative School for Peace-building and the Arts.

Published in the Journal of International Development, a research by Jonalou S. Labor, PhD entitled the “Role of Art Education in Peace Building Efforts Among Out-Of- School Youth Affected by Armed Conflict in Zamboanga City, Philippines” featured the SUGPAT program.

The research looked into the value of art education in helping out-of-school adolescents to reintegrate to the local community caused by the September 2013 armed conflict in Zamboanga City. It was participated by 34 students who underwent the the flagship program of Ateneo de Zamboanga’s Center for Culture and the Arts.

The study showed the following results in the knowledge formed from SUGPAT: SUGPAT as a way to understand the Zamboanga identity, SUGPAT as a purposeful programme, and SUGPAT as a peace advocacy programme.

According to Labor’s study, SUGPAT contributed in enhancing their communicating skills. It showed that the participants developed intrapersonal and interpersonal skills which includes reflective decision-making, responsive problem-solving, improved ways of handling conversations, and enhanced means of performing in a crowd.

Not only did the students improve on their skills because of SUGPAT, but it also affected their attitudinal changes where students felt comfort in disclosing personal concerns to their fellow participants and appreciated religious tolerance.

The results of the study also exhibited that the participants became more socially aware about the domestic or family and community-based peace and conflict issues in their province.

Author Jonalou Labor is an Assistant Professor for Communication Research at University of the Philippines-Diliman.  

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