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Alternative School for Peacebuilding and The Arts

A special alternative learning center for artistically inclined and talented out-of-school adolescents, the SUGPAT Alternative School for Peacebuilding and the Arts (SUGPAT-ALSPA) implements a special secondary alternative learning system curriculum integrating the DepEd ALS curriculum and the ADZU Peace Education Curriculum through two major art tracks: Visual Arts (Painting) and Theatre Arts.  SUGPAT-ALSPA aims to train and hone future community artists, cultural leaders, and peace builders. Aside from academic and artistic training, SUGPAT-ALSPA provides its learners with opportunities to develop their social and life skills that will contribute to their development as artists for and with others working together towards a shared vision of an empowered youth sector.

Classes will be conducted at Ateneo de Zamboanga University La Purisima Campus.  The schedule of classes will be every Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM for 10 months.  ADZU, through its Center for Culture and the Arts (ACCA) and Peace Institute (API), plays a major role in nation- and peacebuilding with its firm belief that harnessing the youth potential through youth empowerment, development, and participation has an impact on the socioeconomic, political and cultural realities in the country.

  • The SUGPAT-ALSPA conducts screening of applicants yearly to identify and give scholarships to artistically gifted and talented out-of-school adolescents in Zamboanga City. Applicants will go through a selection process consisting of 2 stages: first is the Functional Literacy Exam required by the DepEd-ALS, and second, the audition process to determine their artistic skills and talent under the supervision of the audition masters for each of the two (2) art tracks

  • The successful applicant is awarded free tuition fee, modest food allowance, classes with master teachers, plus the chance to represent the city and the school in festivals, competitions and exchange programs.

  • The Basic Education Curriculum for the Alternative Learning System prescribed by the Department of Education are in the SUGPAT-ALSPA curriculum. These modules are handled distinctively in support of the specialized studies for creative and artistic expressions in the following disciplines:

    Theater Arts (Acting, Production Management, Technical Theater, History of the Theater, Theater Theory and Directing)

    Visual Arts (Visual Perception, Sculpture, Art Appreciation, Studio Painting, Materials and Techniques, Figuration, and Printmaking)

  • As a special alternative learning center, SUGPAT-ALSPA accepts only a limited number of learners every year. Annual intake averages 20-30 learners only to ensure a more individualized and differentiated academic and arts training programs possible. To be eligible for scholarship, an applicant must:

      • be a Filipino citizen and a resident of Zamboanga City for at least 3 years;
      • 15 to 24 years old;
      • has stopped or dropped-out from junior high school;
      • have an outstanding ability in an art discipline;
      • be a Grade VI pupil at the time of application;
      • have no debilitating illnesses or systemic and/or communicable diseases such as serum sickness, congenital heart disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, hepatitis A and/or B, untreated primary complex, chronic otitis media, malaria, bronchial asthma, and/or seizures/involuntary tremors;
      • and be determined to pursue senior high school

Art Intensives

Our Art Intensive Workshops focuses on strengthening the arts for youth development activities in Zamboanga City through the conduct of art intensive workshops on popular arts forms such as Digital Storytelling, Puppetry, Photography, Painting, and Rap. 

Our participants, all of them out-of-school youth coming from different areas in Zamboanga City, created several films, paintings, photographs, rap songs, etc., which were toured in different communities and schools amplifying dialogue on important issues such as inter-cultural harmony, peace, and the rights of the child

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  • November 2016

    We graduated w/ 24 participants, Joseph Vincent Suarez was our mentor. It was held from Nov 7-11 @ Palacio del Sur.
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Traveling Exhibits and Festivals

The SUGPAT Travelling Exhibits and Film Festivals are community-based festivals that gathers the young and the young at heart in the community to experience the different curated outputs of previous SUGPAT participants. 

Do you want to bring the SUGPAT exhibits and film festivals to your community or school?  Contact us at acca@adzu.edu.ph

  • International Peace Week Celebration in Cotabato City

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  • Photo and Puppet Exhibit

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  • Sugpat Film Festival

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